Ukulele Adventure Workshops

Ukulele Adventures Workshop (Ukulele Vs the Advanced Beginner) developed as Richard took on the challenge of learning ukulele and transferring his knowledge of fingerstyle techniques from the 6- and 12-string guitar to the 4-string ukulele. During this hands-on workshop in one to four hour sessions, Gilewitz applies his honed techniques of fingerstyle guitar, such as banjo-style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, as well as a rhythmic and percussive approach. He demonstrates the art of finger substitution when mapping out a piece that will aid in the fluidity of the music. Throughout the workshop, Gilewitz offers tips and encouragement for ukulele players from 2 to 92, showing off the flexibility of the instrument and incorporating heaps of fun during the process.

Add Fingerstyle Ukulele book with Richard Gilewitz to your collection.

This 40-page "First Lessons Fingerstyle Ukulele" book contains nine songs with tablature, notation, and study notes. Learn how to navigate the ukulele, hone in on basic components of timing, and ride the Gilewitz Fingerpicking Engine as you expand your playing. Easy to read chord charts map out your journey. Easy to order here.

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yesComments about Ukulele Adventures:

Q; What did you like most about the workshop?

"Learned so much in a fun way"

“When we worked as a band, when we were doing the exercises, all of it really!"

"The camaraderie - I like Richard's sense of humour - it put me at ease"

"Catered for the absolute beginner, very accessible, fun and I did feel we, as a group, produced some good work"

"Enjoyed playing altogether at the end. Listening and closing eyes to listen to others was great! Fingerpicking patterns very useful. Lots of stuff to try at home"

"Preparatory exercises for playing"