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Avenues of Success: Turn on Your Student's Creative Side

"It is rare to have the opportunity to be in the presence of pure virtuosity. One is left with an emotional and intellectual glow that permeates and bolsters the spirit. An aesthetic experience of this nature provides the potential for a sustained positive effect and, for that reason should be cherished by the lucky recipients. Richard Gilewitz manages to mass- produce aesthetic experiences. In an educational culture that is attempting to break the cycle of accepting mediocrity as a standard, it is wonderful to be able to expose students to the type of excellence that results from dedication and hard work towards a singular goal. In that respect, Gilewitz is an ambassador for the enriching value the arts can have within a school and community." New Prairie High School, New Carlisle IN

It's All About the Goal

Richard Gilewitz had a dream as a young teen. He wanted to travel the world using the guitar as his ticket to places near and far. Through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and pure tenacity, Richard has become an international artist, touring America to Australia, Ireland to Switzerland, and many points in between. The natural teacher in Richard is evident as he constantly shares his experiences during workshops and seminars, creating a positive atmosphere for learning, entertainment, and inspiration. Students of all grade levels are exposed to the creative process as well as the flip side of the business of a professional musician.

Avenues of Success is a program designed to present an overview of a musician's life, traveling experiences, tales from the road, and a look into the mind of the artist. It provides children and adults with an avenue for positive growth, direction and entertainment options through music. As a seasoned professional guitarist and educator, Richard is well qualified to share his wealth of knowledge and learning experiences gained from over 40 years of playing the guitar - 30 of which have been spent touring the United States and abroad. With a background of teaching, conducting workshops and guitar camps, performing, composing and recording, Richard's school enrichment program presents a creative atmosphere for learning and inspiration.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Music and Mathematics. In between touring, recording, and teaching, he continues to work on his craft under the direction of classical guitarist David Walbert, who has studied with renowned violinist Frances Magnes, and guitarists Gil de Jesus and Sophocles Papas. Richard is author of "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop"(a Mel Bay publication), writes for several magazines, and is guest instructor at varioius guitar retreats. Collaborating with TrueFire, Richard has developed eight interactive instructional DATA DVD's and conducts two on-line teaching programs as a TrueFire Sherpa Instructor.

Avenues of Success Selections

Richard offers a number of individual options ranging from a single appearance, a one-day program to a week-long in-residency. These programs are tailored to fit into your curriculum schedule and budget as fees are set according the selection of options and including lodging . Many of the single and one day programs are included in the week-long in-residency.

School Performance: Acoustic Adventures is a short performance for the small assembly stage or auditorium setting for selective grades or entire school. The performance introduces the audience to varioius genres of the acoustic guitar along with a few tales from the road. This also can also serve as a closing concert for the entire school at the completion of the in-residence. Approx. 30-45 minutes

Seminar: Meet the Artist is a unique seminar of tunes and tales for secondary and university students with heart warming moments as Richard takes the audience backstage into his word and the history of fingerstyle guitar. The audience travels on the journey of a professional musician with examples of various genres of music interspersed with discussion about how music has influenced Richard's life in terms of self esteem, self discipline, peer group acceptance, balance within the family and with personal relationships, career path choices and artistic outlet. It is an up close and personal look at this international fingerstyle guitarist's everyday life on the road that is entertaing and inspiring. Approx. 50 minutes .

Demonstration: This program can be held in the classroom settings. Demonstration of a variety of equipment that Richard uses in concerts, including his guitars, special effects units, and other sound equipment depending on the type of assembly and performance space. Examples of various playing techniques from genres of folk, classical, blues, and traditional are included. Approx. 30-45 minutes depending grade level of students.

In Residence Specifics:

The aim of the in-residence format is to involve many areas of the school curriculum. English or Journalism students might review the concert and interview the visiting artist for their school paper or school web site. The Art students may want to capture the artist on canvas, with drawings or other avenues of expression. The Music and Performing Arts students will be able to extract much from the assembly and instruction sessions in learning about performance, composition, music history, and careers in the field. Those students interested in audio and visual arts may consider video taping the event in order to produce a short film. A school performance, seminar, demonstration, and hands-on instructions are structured to be part of the in-residency program.

Classroom Sessions: This program's format is designed to accommodate a three-day in residence in a single location, for a total of nine sessions (three each day) of up to 50 minutes in length, selected from music classes, art classes, creative writing classes, as well as general education classes. The classroom sessions include a variety of topics including the business of music (booking, publicity, writing press releases and reviews) and the business of the craft (basic theory, fingerpicking techniques, and respect for the instrument).


*Artist Requirements:
Sound provided by promoter: In classroom setting: 1 acoustic guitar amplifier, 2 guitar stands
Assembly setting: Full sound system, including 2 microphone stands, 1 power mixing board, 2- speakers, 1 acoustic amplifier, 2 guitar stands
Designated escort to assist Richard with classroom transitions and coordination of students.
Teacher or teacher's aid must be present during the classroom sessions.

Bonus: Richard's endorsors are generous in their offerings of various items for Avenues of Success the program. Items include, but are not limited to: capos, tuners, t-shirts, guitar accessories, strings, lanyards, hats, etc. These items are donated to the schools and to the students.


What Educators are saying about the Richard Gilewitz Avenues of Success

"In short, Richard Gilewitz is someone I would recommend enthusiastically and without reservation. His amazing talent and shomanship, coupled with being a consummate professional and a kind and considerate human being serve to make him someone we all look forward to welcoming back to our community. I very rarely schedule performers for repeat visits; I believe the fact that Mr. Gilewitz performs here twice annually speaks for itself."
Dr. Bernadine Craft, Director Sweetwater Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Rock Springs, WY

"Thank you for the wonder performance and workshops that you presented to our children."
Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Wilmington DE

"Absolutely recommend Richard to other teachers. We would have him back several times for different topics."
Upper Arlington High School, Columbus OH

"Richard Gilewitz has presented at our school twice. He has presented at all-school assemblies and classroom presentations. In both settings, he is equally at home and has a unique and comical manner which helps draw the students of all ages into his phenomenal musical stylings. Mr. Gilewitz plays the guitar at a virtuoso level that most students will never get to see in person. He makes it look so easy that many students who aspire to be great guitarist will be inspired to work even harder on their dream. Students who are not musicians will see in his perseverance to rise above the normal performance standard the inspiration to strive for excellence in all their areas of interest. I recommend Richard Gilewitz highly as a presenter for students of all levels."
New Prairie Middle School New Carlisle, IN

"Music education is very important to us and you have enhanced our program a great deal."
Motor City Guitar School Program, Waterford MI

"Richard's great personality, quick wit, and his ability to communicate the importance of working hard to achieve your goals created an atmosphere that left students wanting to learn more."
Willits School, Monmouth IL

"First of all, Richard Gilewitz is one of the finest musicians I have ever met. His ability to perform AND relate to audiences of all ages is remarkable. His witty sense of humor and down to earth persona make his presentations some of the most enjoyable I have ever attended. We have always enjoyed watching the connection he makes with the students. Whether he is teaching, explaining, hosting Q&A or just performing the students are right with him. It is truly exciting to observe. He is a professional who realizes the importance of contact with the public- of all ages."
New Prairie Middle and High School, New Carlisle IN

"This is a wonderful presentation. I'm so grateful Richard could visit our school today."
Auburn Riverside School #5, Auburn WA