The 2023 Acoustic Guitar Retreat features an accomplished faculty to help energize your playing skills. Learn from Matthew Schroeder, Tom Clippert,
and acoustic and fingerstyle guitar guest artist Richard Gilewitz.


Keep Up Your Chops with On Line Lessons, Skype Phone Lessons, Clinics, GillaCamp Workshops, or Private Instruction.

SKYPE: Richard is always available for lessons via Skype - for beginner through advance level players interested in fingerstyle techniques, acoustic 6 & 12 string guitar, ukulele, and even banjo. Catch a lesson no matter where he is on the planet. It is easy to pay for on-line private lessons though PayPal. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Private Lessons

Watch a few lessons from Richard, filmed in the D'Addario studios

Riff (A TrueFire Journal): Fingerstyle Warm Up from Richard

Fingerstyle Guitar Galaxy On Line Classroom

For those on the go, "Fingerstyle Guitar Galaxy" is a monthly course through TrueFire, with Richard as your Sherpa Captain personally guides you through interactive lessons. Designed to fit into your schedule and location as you enter the classroom from no matter where you are - from New Plymouth to New York, Dublin to Delaware, or Tokyo to Toronto, you'll fly through the Universe of Fingerstyle Guitar. You'll chat with fellow players, receive personal feedback from Richard and soar to new levels in your craft.

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Fingerpicking Engine On Line Workshop

Stay tuned for a brand new lesson option. We are shaking it up and improving your TrueFire lesson experience.

For players with limited time to devote to a workshop, check out the Richard's 8-week Fingerpicking Engine workshop made up of a preset lesson plans that focus on the Language of Fingerstyle Guitar. Great for the beginner who is interested in discovering options for expanding playing skills as well as the player who wants to brush up on technique.

Learn how to achieve clean picking, easy transitioning and a solid right and left hand attack. Master the technique of positional shifts and picking pattern assembly to eliminate speed bumps in your playing, increase your speed and improve your proficiency of essential fingerstyle techniques. 



TrueFire presents an eClinic with Richard Gilewitz as he answers questions from players on fingerstyle techniques, tips, and general inquiries. Study with Richard and learn all his techniques, the language of the fingerpicking engine, and how to unlock your creativity.