GillaCamp Schedule


December 5, 2021 - Gillacamp Chicago!

With Richard Gilewitz and Tim May 


10am Meet and Greet

11am Richard Gilewitz Classes with break

1pm lunch provided

2pm Tim May Classes with break –

Creating Solos and Improvisation:

In this class we'll look at how to create a solo from scratch. We'll play a simple melody and embellish it with hammer-ons, slides and pull-offs, 'neighbor notes', tremolo and arpeggios. We can create a different feel or mood by adding blues notes and we'll introduce minor blues and major blues.
Improvisation is what Duke Ellington called 'spontaneous composition'. We'll look at how to play over a chord progression using scale notes and chord tones and how to 'survive' playing any tune no matter how complicated. Big fun and lots of hands-on playing!

3pm Tim May Class 2

6pm Concert with Tim May and Richard Gilewitz


$250 – Camp and Concert

$25 – concert only

Class Materials provided


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Richard Gilewitz:

Known as a fingerstyle wizard and raconteur, Richard creates lively journeys topped with laughter and sparkles of mood mastery and wonderment with his use of banjo style picking patterns, classical arpeggios, tapping and harmonics, along with his rhythmic and percussive touch.

This tireless performer traveled to Australia three times in 2018, in addition to New Zealand, Tasmania, Germany, and Austria. He continues to challenge himself as a solo player and as a result of this effort has released a new 8-song recording with Tim May titled "Sharky".


Tim May:

Nashville & flat-picking favorite has been playing since age 11 and embraces the instruments of guitar, banjo, and mandolin. In 1989 Tim founded Crucial Smith, a progressive acoustic bluegrass band based in Nashville, which produced three well-received albums and performed regularly at high-profile festivals including Telluride, The Walnut Valley Festival and Winterhawk.

He has toured with Patty Loveless and the John Cowan Band, performed at the Grand Ole Opry in 2006/2007 and was the solo guitarist on I'll Fly Away, nominated for the 2006 Country Instrumental of the Year Grammy Award. He performs regularly with his wife, fiddler Gretchen Priest -May and their band Plaidgrass and is respected nationwide as a teacher and clinician. He's taught at the Nashville Guitar College, South Plains College and at Nashcamp. Along with Richard and Grammy winning engineer Tim Roberts, Tim has co-produced "Strings for a Season", "Tasmania Live", and the newest Gilewitz/May recording, "Sharky".

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Sample GillaCamp Guitar Workshop Topics:

  • Hand positions, fingerstyle techniques, attack, dynamics
  • Fingerstyle pattern details and explanations
  • Fingerstyle techniques/two and three chord patterns
  • Rhythm and timing
  • 12 bar-blues
  • Techniques for using a metronome
  • Tablature and standard notation
  • Composition
  • Song breakdowns
  • Working with a variety of sound systems
  • Recording at home and in the studio
  • Music theory and ear training
  • Performance techniques and live concert examples
  • Memorization techniques and open tunings
  • Slide guitar techniques in multiple open tunings


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