GillaCamp Oregon Guitar & Ukulele Weekend Retreat

August 19 and 20, 2018!


GillaCamp Oregon Guitar and Ukulele Retreat in August 2018 will be a unique Music Experience that is fun, inspirational, and invigorating. Hosted by Uptown Music of Keizer, Oregon and veteran master teacher, composer, and fingerstyle guitar wizard Richard Gilewitz, the GillaCamp Guitar and Ukuklele Retreat is the player's answer to turning over common frustrations while learning or perfecting fingerstyle techniques, overcoming fears and insecurities, rekindling the passion for learning new tunes, and rediscovering the joy of guitar, plus the opportunity for both guitar and ukulele players to hone their skills.

GillaCamp Guitar and Ukulele Retreats are designed for the beginner to advance player, and for singers who play guitar or ukulele for accompaniment. Students must be at the level of intermediate beginner or higher, be able to read tablature, and have a basic understanding of simple chord shapes. Individual and group attention is the main focus of GillaCamp with additional private instruction offered during off hours.

Day 1 Topics: Sunday August 19

10:00am: Set Up & Warm Up: Optional, but recommended. Warming up wakes up both the mind and body.

11:00am: Rhythm and Food and the Human Condition for Guitar & Ukulele: Rhythm and Food is a fun-filled group exercise that matches a food to its twin rhythm for an easy way to learn various rhythms while focusing on the human condition that impedes improving your playing techniques.  

12:00pm: The Fingerpicking Engine, Chords and Transfers for Guitar & Ukulele: Gather the ingredients for the picking fingers with very simple patterns. The components of the Fingerpicking Engine make up the foundation for fingerstyle guitar and ukulele that will be applied to an original in-progress Gilewitz tune. Learn how to make effective chord transfers with anchor and guide fingers, and sequential and simultaneous landings.

2:00pm: 12-Bar Blues, Fingerpicking, Rhythm, and Working with a Metronome for Guitar & Ukulele: Apply your knowledge of patterns and rhythms as you learn to realize that timing (not size) is everything.

3:00pm: Form Your Jam Band:  With your pre-arranged group and selected  keys and tempos, create a tune using fingerpicking and rhythm techniques (instrumental or with lyrics), pick a band name and leader, designate player parts, and prepare to play for your peers at the Jam Band Day 2 Session.

6:30-9:30pm “Pizza Jamming”: Gather at Uptown Music for pizza and goodies, plus a jam session.  



Day 2 Topics: Monday August 20, 2018

10:00am: Set Up and Warm Up

11:00am: Music Theory Made Fun for Guitar & Ukulele: Learn the foundation or continue the study of music theory fundamentals with precisely what is needed to write hundreds of tunes. Introduction to the Gilewitz take on theory will open up the doors to triads, expanded chord qualities, and chord sequencing. Jam with a single lead note.

12:00pm: Study of Two Tunes; One Pop/One Classical for Guitar: Academy Award Winning Best Original Song “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová and “Study for Margot” by David Walbert. Ukulele playerswill be breaking down Stephen Foster’s “O!Susanna”

2:00pm: Brief Study of Open D Tuning: While studying “Echoing Gilewitz”, beginners learn 2-finger chord shapes, a 6-note picking pattern, a brief introduction to slide. Advanced players learn how to layer the tune with musical nuances. Ukulele players will study two tunes from “Fingerstyle Ukulele by Richard Gilewitz”.

3:00pm Take a Turn in the Hot Seat (optional): Pull your group together to show off your chops and creativity for your fellow GillaCampers.

6:00pm Bonus Farewell Dinner:  Join your fellow students for dinner at Outback Steakhouse (GillaCampers pick up their own tab) local restaurant. Significant others/partners welcome to join the diners.


Your Instructor: Richard Gilewitz

The GillaCamp Weekend Retreat gives players the opportunity to examine how Richard's fingerpicking patterns will open up their guitar playing world, why rhythm and timing is so important, and the fun of group playing. For an entire weekend, Richard is your instructor and he holds nothing back as he takes each student on this magical journey of guitar playing.

Regardless of the setting, Richard Gilewitz shares his knowledge of guitar with no limitations.He has made himself available to those who want to draw on his 40 years of experiences of playing guitar, and years of composing, recording, and touring. Dedicated to passing along the torch of fingerstyle guitar, the techniques and skills for improving the craft of playing a stringed instrument has been a life-long ambition that continues to spread throughout the world.

Collaborating with Mel Bay Publications, Richard has released Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop; a book based on his guitar workshops, and his latest release, Fingerstyle Ukulele, a book on transferring fingerpicking patterns to the ukulele, as well as several interactive instructional software videos with TrueFire. He has written for Acoustic Magazine (UK), Ukulele Magazine (UK), the L2P Network and has been featured in several other trade magazines and sites such as Premier Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitar Sessions, D'Addario, and L2PNetwork. He has the nod of several major music companies, including D'Addario, Shubb, L.R. Baggs, and Audio-Technica.

Lodging Information:

The GillaCamp Oregon Guitar Retreat is conveniently held in a large conference room on site at the Quality Inns & Suites in Keizer, Oregon, located at 5188 Wittenberg Lane NE. Students can lodge right on location and enjoy the free Wi-Fi, indoor pool, spa tub, fitness center, ample parking, pet friendly environment, as well as explore local nature attractions, and gather for great conversation in the lounge and dining room during off times.

The town of Keizer and surrounding areas offer many points of interests. Portland International Airport is 58 miles from the center of Keizer. Flights into Salem and Eugene may be available by checking with various airline sites.  

Quality Inns & Suites: Book your room at 503.390.4733.  Students receive a 15% discount on room rates. Mention that you are attending the GillaCamp Guitar Workshop. Free continential breakfast included. Bookings cutoff for discounted room rates is August 1, 2018. When booking your room you will want to remember that Saturday evening is the Gilewitz concert, with Sunday and Monday being instruction days and Monday's evening farewell dinner. Immerse yourself in a full weekend experience at GillaCamp Oregon. 


Registration Information:

Limited to 15 Students: $495

Full Tuition Includes: 8 Session Workshop (50 minutes each), discounted lodging rates, lunches, all day beverages, group/ individual instruction, free admission to special Saturday Gilewitz concert, instructional packets, swag prizes/evening gatherings


GillaCamp is supported by the generous donations of swag from Audio-Technica, D'Addario Strings and Accessories, L.R. Baggs, Shubb Capos.