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You'll laugh as you learn. -- Columbus Dispatch

Richard Gilewitz is well known for his fingerstyle guitar, ukulele, gear, and sound reinforcement clinics for players of all ages and skill levels. These lecture-style clinics, often hosted by community music shops, are designed for players of any skill level and explore a variety of elements, including introduction to fingerstyle techniques and sound reinforcement. The 1 or 2-hour clinic begins with a short concert, followed by an interactive and informative session for those who wish to learn more about finger picking patterns as a "language" and a variety of tips on increasing playing skills. As a team member of several major instrument and sound manufacturers, Richard packs in valuable tips about selecting the proper guitar and accessories -- all part of helping players raise their skill levels, overcome fears and insecurities about individual abilities, and enjoy the journey of playing the guitar or ukulele.

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Richard Gilewitz's Meet the Artist Seminar invites the audience to wander the world of a professional touring and recording artist. It is a peek into the creative mind of a computer programmer turned musician who finds himself dealing with the complexities of today's world as he battles delayed flights surrounded by cranky children, unexpected weather, flu bugs, and the highs and lows of his career. It is an up close and personal look at this international fingerstyle guitarist's everyday life on the road that is entertaining and inspiring as he discusses how music has influenced his life in terms of self esteem, self discipline, and career paths.

A powerhouse of eclectic guitar styles and genres, Gilewitz wears his influences well. -- 20th Century Guitar Magazine

You'll experience the thrill of a completed composition, the frustration of missing luggage and broken guitars, the rib-tickling stories of young students who attend Richard's school programs, and how the sounds of music heals the soul. Spanning the musical genres from classical to blues, folk to pop, Americana to traditional and somewhere in between, Richard's tune selections invite the listener on a magical journey of fingerstyle guitar.


Meet the Artist is a unique seminar of tunes and tales with heart warming moments as Richard takes the audience backstage into his world as a composer, musician, raconteur, and educator. No matter where the audience meets Richard - in a library, community auditorium, conference room, or university hall - they quickly discover the essence of this unique artist.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Music and Mathematics and has been playing the guitar since the age of fourteen.

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