Although the definition for Workshop is traditionally a room or building where work is done, the description for the Richard Gilewitz version is an expansive arena for teaching in a variety of settings.

For Gilewitz, the work is done in the woodshed during his "GillaCamp Guitar Weekend Retreats",  "Traveling GillaCamp Guitar Workshops" "Ukulele Adventures Workshop", "Music Festival Workshops" on specific topics, or at a local music shop or community center during his lively interactive 2 hour "Clinics" on behalf of a number of Gilewitz's sponsors where the audience is introduced to fingerstyle techniques, tricks of the trade, and gear.

During the "GillaCamp Guitar Weekend Retreat" , a 2 day  immersion in guitar, students receive group and individual instruction up close and personal. For those preferring more individual attention, Gilewitz's private lessons at his studio or through Skype fits the bill. Winterbreak in Australia and other international retreats provide additional opportunities for students to study with Gilewitz.  His TrueFire On-Line Sherpa Workshop on the "Fingerpicking Engine" is designed for those on the go with an interactive 8-week lesson plan, while the TrueFire On Line Sherpa Classroom, "Fingerstyle Guitar Galaxy, offers a long term study option for the very basic beginning student to the advanced player and for singers who play guitar for accompaniment.

Regardless of the setting, Workshop in his mind has no limitation of students or location, techniques or topics.  He has made himself available to those who want to draw on his 40 years of experiences of playing guitar and years of composing, recording, and touring. Dedicated to passing along the torch of fingerstyle guitar, the techniques and skills for improving the craft of playing a stringed instrument has been a life-long ambition that continues to spread throughout the world. 


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