The Music Of David Walbert

The Music Of David Walbert



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"Most players are happy to credit their mentors at every opportunity, but acoustic fingerstylist Richard Gilewitz may have fashioned the ultimate tribute." Guitar Player Magazine.

Those of you familiar with Richard Gilewitz no doubt will be eager to listen to this latest project. The 4-page liner notes give you a brief insight as to the importance of these twelve pieces for guitar. Until now, only a few selections have been recorded by David Walbert and Richard. Fans have sampled some of Walbert's writings on previous Gilewitz recordings and all of these have been re-recorded.

Now as tribute to his teacher, friend, and mentor, Richard performs the entire works of David Walbert. No overdubs--just Richard on guitar. This is a 12-song CD of acoustic guitar at its finest! Included are favorites such as "Dance", "Prelude", "Study (for Margot)" and "Prelude No. 2", as well as never recorded pieces such as "Em Piece", " I Am Eaten By Sharks", "Tremolo Piece", "E Piece", and "Nocturne". Without this effort, a whole generation would have lost the experience of hearing such complex and beautiful pieces in their entirety. Richard's approach to Walbert's music is humble and respectful, giving it the clarity and restraint it deserves. The Music of David Walbert is "classical steel" at its best.

  1. Dance
  2. Lullaby
  3. Improv.
  4. Em Piece
  5. Study for Margot
  6. Prelude
  7. Tremolo Piece
  8. E Piece
  9. Film Piece
  10. Prelude No.2
  11. I Am Eaten By Sharks
  12. Nocturne