“Sharky” is an 8-track recording that verifies that the best of fingerstyle master Richard Gilewitz and Nashville artist Tim May has come together to deliver a dynamic mix of originals and covers.  Track 1, “Mr. Simpleton’s Little Red Shoes”, is an original upbeat, jazzy tune that started from a few Gilewitz licks while on tour with Tim May. Created in true Gilewitz style of bounce, May added (along with a splendid bridge) his take with some contemporary jazz chords and sparkling melodic runs for a tune that audiences can tap the floor with their own shoes.

“Walk Don't Run” by Johnny Smith rings with a new twist with the arrangement by David Walbert. This 1954 song, later made popular by the group The Ventures, swings with the feel of an era gone past while a fresh approach fits into today’s listening styles. The mix of guitar and mandolin, with harmonies of a more relaxed tempo from the original, is just mellow enough to allow the listener to catch every note in a truly hypnotic groove.                 

“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen may be one of the most recorded songs by the popular Canadian songwriter, but listeners will lose themselves in this beautiful and tasteful rendition. Arranged by David Walbert, Gilewitz and May pay their respects to the composer and arranger with their restrained playing and lush sound scape.

“Sharky”, the title song of this recording, was composed by Tim May, Mike Laidley, and Richard Gilewitz. It’s a quirky bluegrass/jazz/pop fusion that creates a unique tune, conjuring up a tide of notes that will keep listeners swimming in the deep blue sea. 

“Have You Ever Seen a Rainbow at Night?” was inspired by the Blue Penguins of Oamaru and composed during a rain shower in New Zealand. This much-loved and previously recorded Gilewitz original comes alive with the addition of May’s mastery of mandolin.  Defying any stylistic category, this melodic instrumental blends together a bit of classical, pop, jazz, and blues and brings to mind a comment by a listener that rainbows at night are called moon bows.      

“Can't Help Falling in Love”, a heartfelt love song composed by Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, George David  Weissand and  made popular by Elvis Presley  in 1961 on his Blue Hawaii album, finds  its romantic groove with this arrangement by David Walbert.  The combination of the slow gentle touch of Gilewitz’s fingerstyle playing with the Dobro slide of May brings out the desire of lovers.               

“Bye Bye Blackbird” by Ray Henderson is a standard jazz favorite that has been recorded by Miles Davis, Julie London, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, and even Joe Cocker.  The Gilewitz and May match is complemented by the violin swing of Gretchen Priest-May that transfers it into a tune that will twirl around in one’s head throughout the day.

 “Little Alex " is a Gilewitz original that is based on the antics of a little dog he met while touring Australia. As you listen to the tune, picture a happy, pint-sized dog dashing around exploring his surroundings. He picks up speed, dancing with joyful navigation over carpet until stepping on a slippery tile floor, slipping and sliding only to hit his head against a table leg with a bit of a bonk.  Shaking off his missteps, Little Alex slowly recovers, picks up his speed and continues his little dance to the appealing bluegrass licks of May, finally ending his caper with a graceful bow.    

Downloads available at bandcamp.