A collection of works by Richard Gilewitz spans a 30+ year career, from his first vinyl record "Somewhere In Between" and his CD' s to his newest singles in downloadable format. Forever the natural teacher, these works include performance DVD's, educational books and Software Discs for the student of guitar and ukulele.

Fuschia Circle North
(GillaZilla Records) 2017 - Single

First Lessons: Fingerstyle Ukulele
(Mel Bay Publications) 2016 - Book

Echoing Gilewitz
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Minuet for the Backroads
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Mr. Sputnik
Duet with Michael Fix
(GillaZilla Records) 2014 - Single

Mr. Sputnik
(GillaZilla Records) 2013 - Single

Tater Gun Strut
(GillaZilla Records) 2013 - Single

Fingerstyle Narratives
(TrueFire) 2012 Software Disc

Slide Guide
(TrueFire) 2012 Software Disc

Tasmania Live
(GillaZilla Records) 2011 - CD

Jump Start - Fingerstyle Guitar
(TrueFire) 2011 Software Disc

Jump Start - Acoustic Guitar
(TrueFire) 2011 Software Disc

Guitar Foundations
(TrueFire) 2009 Software Disc

Strings for a Season
(GillaZilla Records) 2008 - CD

(TrueFire) 2008 Software Disc

Richard Gilewitz, Live at Charlotte's Web
(Mel Bay Publications) 2007 - DVD

Live at 2nd Street Theater
(GillaZilla Records) 2006 - CD

All-Time Favorite Fingerpicking Guitar Tunes, Volume One
(Mel Bay Publications) 2006 - DVD

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop
(Mel Bay Publications) 2005 - Book, CD, DVD

Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos, Volume 3
(Mel Bay Publications) 2005 - Book, CD

(GillaZilla Records) 2004 - CD

All Star Guitar Night
(Mel Bay Publications) 2002 DVD

Fingerstyle Guitar Selections
(GillaZilla Music) 2002 - Book

Dirt To Dust
(mp3.com compilation ) 2001

Richard Gilewitz Music and Instruction for Fingerstyle Guitar
(Peavey Electronics) 2000 Video

The Music of David Walbert
(GillaZilla Records) 2000 - CD

Synapse Collapse
(GillaZilla Records ) 1997 - CD

Performance Video
(Alligator Alley Productions) 1996 - [out of print]

Instructional Video
(Alligator Alley Productions) 1995 - [out of print]

Voluntary Solitary
(GillaZilla Records) 1994 - CD

The Richard Gilewitz Songbook
(Armadillo Press) 1993 - Book

Somewhere In Between
(Hacker Backer Records) 1992 - Vinyl [out of print]