In collaboration with Mel Bay Publications, Richard's tune "Mrs. Firecracker's Place" is included in a Master Anthology of Fingerstyle Guitar Selections. His experiences of conducting workshops is gathered together in "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop" and offers tips, tales, and tunes to keep any player busy for years. Now Richard has released a fingerstyle ukulele book, "First Lessons: Fingerstyle Ukulele".

First Lessons: Fingerstyle Ukulele

Available from Mel Bay

Fingerstyle master Richard Gilewitz has transfered his fingerpicking techniques to the ukulele with the release of a 40-page book,"First Lessons: Fingerstyle Ukulele", introducing fundamental fingerstyle techniques for ukulele players in this handy first lesson book. Clearly written with a system of straightforward fingerpicking patterns, easy-to-read chord charts, tablature and notation with study and historical notes for simple level tunes. "First Lessons Fingerstyle for Ukulele" is a basic and fail-proof approach for beginner players, plus those who wish to expand their ukulele playing to include fingerstyle. Includes access to online audio tracks from the songs in the book and also offered an an e-book.

Master Anthology

Available from Mel Bay

Master Anthology

Twelve accessible solos in several styles and tunings from various parts of the world. Includes works by: Stephen Bennett, Tom Doyle, Howard Emerson, Joël Fafard, Tim Farrell, Simon Fox, Richard Gilewitz, Paolo Giordano, Phil Heywood, Sean McGowan, David Qualey, and Brad Richter. Written in standard notation and tablature for the intermediate to advanced guitarist.


Adirondack Lullaby: Stephen Bennett
August: Sean McGowan
Crossing Crystal Lake: Howard Emerson
Fire of the Gypsy: Tom Doyle
First Pint: Paolo Giordano
Hard Times, Come Again No More: Brad Richter
Little Sister: Tim Farrell
Megan and the Wascana Cylcone: Joel Fafard
Mrs. Firecracker's Place:  Richard Gilewitz
One-Time Swing (Two-Time Fling): David Qualey
The Fisherman: Simon Fox
The Thaw: Phil Heywood

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop with DVD and CD

Available from Mel Bay

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop


Direct from the master of guitar clinics, this 96-page book contains a plethora of topics based on Richard Gilewitz's experience of conducting fingerstyle guitar and sound seminars for nearly a decade in a variety of settings worldwide. Sections are built around the most frequently asked questions from players of all ages and skill level, with topics supported by written explanations, exercises, original music tablature and notation pieces, charts, and photographs.


Recommended for players and teachers of both 6 and 12-string guitar, this book provides encouragement and new avenues for growth for all students wishing to improve upon their life-long craft. The companion CD and DVD provide a guide to discussion on learning slide, how to select a guitar, capos, metronomes, tuners, strings, composition, hand positions, practice methods, touring and recording tips, standard and open tunings, picking patterns, and more. Original compositions offered in tablature and notation include "Dirt To Dust" with the new "Gypsy Minor" introduction, "Bilingual Fantasy", "Jamaicalina", "Pre Dawn Mourning", "Echoing Gilewitz", "Mrs. Firecracker's Place", and "The Maison Blanche Exit Song" .


  • 96-page book contains topics based on author's experience of conducting
    fingerstyle guitar seminars for nearly a decade

  • Sections are built around the most frequently asked questions from students

  • Topics supported by companion CD, DVD, written explanations, exercises,
    original music tablature and notation pieces, and charts