This and That

Sometimes a photo can't be labeled as one type or another. This and That is a broad category for pictures that would otherwise wander about unnoticed.  Here, they have a home.

  • Cork Bus Station Biscuit Is there ever a smart one?
  • Galaxy bar The Fingerstyle Galaxy Bar players
  • DHL Amsterdam Packages delivered on time.
  • Tiny Guitars Guitars come to Clonakilty Ireland for inspiration
  • Cigarette Risks Australian cigarette warning.
  • The Broken Nail A dramatic incident for a fingerpicker.
  • Radio WRFG Atlanta, GA radio
  • rg holland radio On the radio RTV Emmen, NL
  • Wooden Shoe There was an old woman who lived in a shoe....
  • Rare Breed An unusual breed.
  • Shubb, Schenk, and Gilewitz
  • Dancer Dancing the night away