Many Looks

The many looks of Gilewitz reveals the quirky and mischievous side of Richard. As you scroll through the gallery, you might see a photo that was taken while you were right there in the midst of the fun. 


  • Equipment Check Gilewitz catching a little buzz.
  • To the Wild Beyond Gilewitz tries out his space gear.
  • In the middle of a set There's a note in my eye.
  • Just Nuts Words worth a thousand pictures.
  • Fighting the Mic Stand Fighting the microphone stand or sniffing his arm?
  • Relaxed Tuning A pleasant way to tune in one's head.
  • The Ice Palace I love the cold, I love the cold, I love....
  • The Face of Jet Lag But my tray table is closed and upright!
  • The Picking Hands Visualizing the injured picking hand
  • Certificate of Merit Getting up at 6:00am has it perks.
  • Food looks1 Brekkie?
  • Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Pretzelhead, 2007
  • Pig Kansas-2002 Posing for the Tab Pigs
  • Richard joins the Alf Army Alf Army Uniform - 2006 New Zealand
  • Gilewitz Clan McGilewitz?
  • Sir GillaHead Heading off to battle the notes.